I am a citizen committed to this city, and someone who has come from
within our community. I am someone who, like many of you, has had to
navigate through various obstacles, while in pursuit of stability and a
better future for myself and my family.

I too, have been  frustrated with the lack of accessibility to
community necessities and promised city resources – this is what made
the years I had committed to learning, listening and my education feel
more like an impossibility. It was during those formative years that I
had more questions than answers, and my thinking started to shift. My
appreciation for hard work became a responsibility to myself, and my
love for our city became a priority.

Those challenges helped shape my thinking today and have given me the
determination to bridge the gaps of communication, while working
together with our community to create the much needed changes.

I have spent over 10 years working for the City of Toronto, with
experience in Parks, Forestry and Recreation; Court Services; and
Employment and Social Services divisions. I have not only done so with
the intended purpose to learn, but with my eyes and ears open, and an
extended hand and a welcoming smile.

We can work together with a mutual commitment to opening the lines of
communication. I know we can create better lives for ourselves and start
to address the obstacles in our daily living, and move ward 19 forward.

I have a history of following through, completing tasks and delivering
value to the City, from investigating complaints of fraud, waste, and
the misuse of City resources; protecting City revenue; issues
management; and supporting community events and initiatives. I have
tangible experience with, and firsthand knowledge of the issues
affecting Torontonians, and the capabilities to respond to their

I am a resident of Ward 19 and a lifelong east-ender who is connected to
the community. Beaches-East York is where I spent many seasons committed
to my health and love for athletics, and is home to my childhood
congregation where I presently volunteer in the nourishment community
kitchen and food bank. It is also where I support our local business and
enjoy indulging in culinary experiences at some of the best restaurants
in the City.

I’m running for City Council to ensure that the needs of the community
are served, to provide the resources to keep residents safe, create
change and to improve the overall livability of our community.

I would be honoured to have your trust and vote on October 22. Let me be
the new face and voice of our community, the person you've chosen to
help create the necessary changes within our community.

Please reach out to me in the following ways:
Email: info@voteveronica.ca
Instagram: @vote_veronica
Twitter: @vote_veronica