Create Safer Neighbourhoods:

  • Return to community policing – ensure Toronto Police service is equipped with the resources required to focus on strengthening relationships with residents within our communities. More police presence.

  • Increase programs and services for vulnerable youth to provide opportunities that effectively deter violent/criminal behaviour.

  • Continue to grow the network of bike lane within the city, focusing new installations on less arterial roadways.


Eliminate Waste Through Thoughtful Spending:

  • Amend contract procurement processes to deter vendors from over promising and underbidding in order to win City contracts.

  • Eliminate redundancies across the City’s Agencies, Boards and Corporations.

  • Improve coordination of City services to minimize the amount of road closures and disruptions to residents.


Generate Revenue to Support Infrastructure, Community Programs and Services:

  • Increase Development Charges to bolster the City’s ability to fund and maintain capital projects and needed services.

  • Incentivize and support small business start-ups.

  • Work together with local BIAs to maximize the use of parks within the Ward and provide additional events to highlight and showcase local small businesses.







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